• Initial Visit (60 min)
  • Follow-up Visit (45 min)
  • Follow-up Visit (30 min)
  • Follow-up Visit (30 min acupuncture)
  • Acute Visit (15 min)

Naturopathic Care Coverage

Naturopathic medicine is covered by most extended health care plans.  Check with your employer or insurance company to find out if your plan covers naturopathic care.  If your partner or family member has extended coverage, it may also cover your care.

Home Visits

The doctor may offer in-home visits, in some circumstances, for patients who are unable to make it to the office.  Fees are based on the standard rates.  An additional $50 travel fee will apply.

Phone Consultations

Depending on the individual case, phone consultations may be acceptable for follow-up visits.  Fees are assessed according to the standard rates.