Our naturopathic doctors have experience with the many areas of naturopathic Medicine but our most specific of expertise is in thyroid conditions specialties. This is partially because of the many symptoms and issues that can be connected to your thyroid as well as many diseases and disorders, both common and uncommon, which can be linked to your thyroid’s health.

There are several forms of thyroid disorders. Our naturopathic doctors have treated patients suffering from a wide range of thyroid disorders, including  hypothyroidismhyperthyroidismGraves’ diseaseHashimoto’s thyroiditis, and Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. Individualized treatments include a combination of clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, natural remedies, and/or lifestyle counseling.

We have naturopathic doctors who have also received special certification in the diagnosis and treatment of Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome (WTS). This is a stress-related, usually reversible condition of the thyroid system.  It can usually be treated with standard naturopathic methods, particularly clinical nutrition and natural remedies, including botanical medicine.  However, when necessary, our naturopathic doctors will supervise the use of special protocols to normalize the body’s thyroid system.